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Sneak Peak: Preview ART21’s Season 7 Episode With Katharina Grosse

As PBS stalwart ART21 gears up for its seventh season, we’ve partnered with the series to premiere exclusive clips from some of their upcoming episodes. Over the next five weeks, we’ll spotlight one new artist featured this season until the series premiere on October 24.


Sneak Peak: Preview ART21’s Season 7 Episode With Leonardo Drew

As PBS stalwart ART21 gears up for its seventh season, we’ve partnered with the series to premiere exclusive clips from some of their upcoming episodes. Over the next five weeks, we’ll spotlight one new artist featured this season until the series premiere on October 24. (more…)

Walker Art Center and Coffee House Press Use Kickstarter to Fund a Cat Art Book

The Walker Art Center’s Internet Cat Video Festival in 2012 kicked off a nationwide tour and a flurry of excitement from pet owners, cat enthusiasts, and cultural critics far and wide. Now, Coffee House Press is looking to bring together the various thoughts about cat videos and their impact on art and culture through a new book titled “Cat is Art Spelled Wrong.” In collaboration with the Walker Art Center, Coffee House Press marketing director Caroline Casey and publisher Chris Fischbach have started a Kickstarter campaign called Catstarter to fund the project. (more…)

Mint&Serf Curate a TriBeCa Photography Show

As New York-based graffiti duo Mint&Serf (aka the Mirf) get set to release the seventh edition of their Special Graffiti Unit (SGU) limited edition newsprint, they’re also busy preparing to open a photography exhibition called “Never Too Young, which will run concurrently at TriBeCa’s No Romance Galleries today through September 7. Produced alongside Good Peoples, the exhibition, carefully curated by Mint&Serf, will showcase the work of emerging photographers PJ Monte, Mike Krim, Osvaldo Chance Jiminez (aka Slutlust), and Harry McNally — all of whom are featured in the newest issue of SGU. (more…)

A Few More Important Findings Within the Corcoran Ruling

It looks as if the sun is finally setting on an autonomous Corcoran Gallery of Art. Yesterday, DC Superior Court Judge Robert Okun approved the institution’s merger with George Washington University and the National Gallery of Art. The ruling  “effectively dissolved the Corcoran as an independent entity,” Okun wrote in a statement. The final ruling, which came to 49 pages, included several other important details about the Corcoran’s fate. The Washington Business Journal’s Rebecca Cooper has rounded up five noteworthy findings that deserve mention. (more…)

Shepard Fairey is Painting a New Bowery Mural Right Now

Street art star Shepard Fairey is hard at work on a new mural at 161 Bowery in Manhattan, reports Bowery Boogie. When completed, the piece will be 30 feet by 40 feet and will be his third Bowery mural to date. The others are his 2010 Houston Street painting — which was vandalized — and a painting in 2011 at 213 Bowery and Rivington Street, which still stands. The 161 Bowery mural is organized by OBEY GIANT ART, Caspi Development, and the Little Italy Merchants’ Association. (more…)

Week In Review: From Aspen to the White House, This Week’s Top Visual Arts Stories

Michael Dotson's "Showered" (2014) and Bath Time (2013) at The Hole NYC's "Go With The Flow"

— Alanna Martinez reported on comic artist Chris Eliopoulos’s Twitter claims that his artwork was appropriated by painter Jerry Kearns in a new series of works currently on view in Chelsea. (more…)

Checklist: Delaware Art Museum Plans Additional Sales, 5Pointz Towers to Have Graffiti Wall, and More

— Delaware Art Museum to Sell More Works: After its formal sanctioning by the Association of Art Museum Directors, the Delaware Art Museum is, yet again, planning more sales from its collection. The New York Times reports that the next artworks to hit the auction block will be Winslow Homer’s “Milking Time” (1875), to go on sale at Sotheby’s in the fall, and the second is an Alexander Calder’s mobile titled “The Black Crescent.” Timothy Rub, director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and president of the museum directors group, told the New York Times, “They’re just cherry-picking the best things in the hopes they get to where they need to be. If, as with the Holman Hunt, they fall flat on their face, it’s going to be a double tragedy.” [NYT] (more…)

Aspen Art Museum and Turtle Conservancy Respond to Cai Guo-Qiang Tortoise Art Controversy

Following uproar over Cai Guo-Qiang’s controversial artwork for the opening of the Aspen Art Museum, titled “Moving Ghost Town,” which features live African Sulcata tortoises carrying mounted iPads on their shells that stream video footage from three local ghost towns, the Aspen Art Museum and Turtle Conservancy have responded with official statements. The artwork angered animal rights activists who created a petition, spearheaded by Aspen resident Lisabeth Oden, gathering over 400 signatures.


Watermill Center Will Show Works From Its Summer Benefit to the Public This Sunday

The Watermill Center in Water Mill, NY. © 2013 Lucie Jansch

This Sunday, August 10, the Watermill Center will open its grounds to the public for a chance to see the installations and performances of the 21st annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit, “One Thousand Nights and One Night: Sleepless Nights of Sheherazade,” in addition to some pieces not seen at July’s benefit. Discover Watermill Day will feature 27 site-specific artworks and performances, including Robert Wilson’s 23 video works, “Portraits of Lady Gaga,” on view at the institution through September 14. (more…)