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Mitt Romney’s Gubernatorial Portraitist Reveals Painting’s Homage to Landmark Healthcare Bill

The Republican party’s U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney continually downplays the significance of the healthcare bill he passed while he was governor of Massachusetts, the bill upon which his opponent in the current election President Barack Obama based his own national healthcare bill — resulting in the latter recently coining the term “Romnesia” to describe the former’s disavowal of his own record — but the artist behind Romney’s official gubernatorial portrait has revealed that the bill was one of two objects that the governor absolutely insisted be included in the painting. (more…)

See “Painter of Pancakes” Dan Lacey’s “Binders Full of Women” Mitt Romney Portrait

Proving that the wildfire-fast spread of the Mitt Romney “Binders Full of Women” meme has reached beyond the nebulous world of internet art into the world of actual (sort of) fine art, notorious painter of political pancakes Dan Lacey produced the above oeuvre, “Mitt Romney With Binders Full Of Women” (2012), mere hours after the Republican presidential candidate uttered the baffling and now-iconic phrase. (more…)

Mitt Romney’s “Binders Full of Women” Gaffe Instantly Inspires Vernacular Net Art Movement

During Tuesday night’s second U.S. presidential debate the Republican candidate Mitt Romney, while attempting to answer a question about ensuring equal employment opportunities and pay for women, recalled that during his time as governor of Massachusetts he had been brought “binders full of women” from which to hire employees. (more…)

Pace Polls Art World Ahead of Presentation of Election-Themed Kienholz Installation

The Pace Gallery needs your votes to determine whether the figure at the head of Ed Kienholz and Nancy Reddin Kienholz’s farcical equestrian installation “The Ozymandias Parade” (1985) has the word “yes” or “no” on its face when it is unveiled at the gallery’s 510 West 25th Street location on November 2, two days before the U.S. presidential election. The question voters in the Pace poll are asked to answer, as in every previous presentation of the work — last seen in New York at the Whitney in 1996 — is “Are you satisfied with your government?(more…)

Roving Photographer Brian Dailey Turns Sitters’ Political Allegiances Into Colorful Mosaics

Just in time for the U.S. presidential election, the Lower East Side’s Stephan Stoyanov Gallery has opened a partisanship-probing exhibition by the Virginia-based photographer Brian Dailey. For “America in Color” (through November 18), Dailey spent the last nine months traveling the nation with all the necessary equipment to set up a makeshift photo studio. (more…)

You Can Buy Chuck Close’s Tapestry Portrait of Barack Obama for $100,000

Chuck Close is already quite a decorated painter, but he now has one more line to add to his resume: presidential portraitist. Earlier this week, a tapestry depicting President Obama by the artist was unveiled at the Mint Museum in North Carolina in honor of the Democratic National Convention. The tapestry is one of 10 that will be made available for sale (at $100,000 each) as part of a fundraiser supporting the Obama Victory Fund. (more…)