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Does Michael Krebber Have a Secret Life?

Add this one to the #WTF file: I couldn’t help but notice a recent blast of television commercials hawking Movantik, a newish drug for the treatment of, uh, the rather niche affliction of… More ›


Line by Line: Nick Drnaso

Welcome to “Line By Line,” where we converse with the cartoonists and graphic novelists who are pushing their medium into exciting territory.


Prominent Lebanese Curator Denied Passport

Curator Christine Tohme, founder and director of the Lebanese Association for the Plastic Arts, Ashkal Alwan, has been denied a passport renewal by Lebanon’s Directorate of General Security due… More ›

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David Bowie on Art and Artists

The New York Times has reprinted a 1998 interview with David Bowie in which the art school graduate discusses his interests in visual art — both his own and that which he collected. His oeuvre,… More ›

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Quoted: Mark Leyner on Modigliani, Armpits

Anyone familiar with the prose perversions of Mark Leyner — a man whose most recent novel was titled The Sugar Frosted Nutsack — knows that his books are not normal things.