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Instagrams of the Art World: LA Art Books, NY Snow, and More

In anticipation of Super Bowl Sunday, the MFA Boston (mfaboston) posted this historical piece to remind us of Sam Adams’s well-documented sports allegiance. GO PATS! (Who are we kidding, we forgot that the Super Bowl was this week until we Googled it just now.)


“Portlandia” Deals Devastating Blow to Art Supplies Industry

Tomorrow’s episode of “Portlandia,” a popular television series about human fallibility in the Pacific Northwest, will skewer the most fallible of human institutions: the art supply store. To further the show’s comedic ends, fallible human/street artist Shepard Fairey makes a cameo in said art-supply-store scene. In a preview clip, embedded below, one can observe co-stars Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen join Fairey in a parodic bit where they play art store owners peddling doll parts, upside down flags, and smashed televisions to disaffected artists.


Cache of Chinese Propaganda Posters On View in Hong Kong

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) has published an extensive gallery of images of Chinese propaganda posters in connection with an exhibition on view in Hong Kong through February 7. The posters, which range from the 1950s to the 1990s, are displayed at Picture This gallery and offer a glimpse at the Chinese state’s visual messaging beyond the Cultural Revolution period with which such imagery is typically associated.


Walker Center Plans May Arts Journalism Conference

Quick public service announcement: The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis will host a conference on “Arts Journalism and Criticism in a Digital Age,” if that’s your bag, from May 28 to 30. The talks will cover topics ranging from what it means to be a “professional” arts writer today and the financial (in)stability of the trade to artists distributing their message through online platforms.


Street Artist Gabriel Specter Renames Brooklyn White Castle

A defunct White Castle in Clinton Hill has a fresh new sign courtesy of street artist Gabriel Specter: “White Hassle,” as it’s now dubbed, was first posted to Luna Park’s graffiti-tracking Instagram this morning. The message has some pretty plain connotations, given the not-so-slow spread of gentrification through the neighborhood — think Kevin Hart’s recent SNL sketch about Bushwick and its digs at artisanal mayonnaise. “I think, like all my work, it has a satircal angle to it,” Specter told Gothamist. ”It’s just a commentary on what’s happening in the neighborhood. You can call it gentrification, you can call it anything you want. This consistent change is happening everywhere.” The artist denied, however, that the installation was particularly timed to Martin Luther King Day.


Breaking News: Charles Saatchi Gets a Haircut

There have been some incredibly important reports about Charles Saatchi’s hair this week. “Saatchi, 71, has been sporting his business-like short back and sides since December, and the new ‘do appeared to have been given a rather youthful, spiky flourish ahead of his latest outing,” the Daily Mail writes, breaking the story (see their shocking photo evidence here). In an enlightening follow-up article, the Daily Mirror calls the art collector “almost unrecognizable.” (more…)

Do Androids Dream of Art Criticism?

For those that think art critics are stuffy and pretentious, you now have a solution: the Novice Art Blogger. Stripped of human feeling and perception, the Tumblr page created by the British-Colombian artist Matthew Plummer Fernandez uses deep learning algorithms to write about art.


8 Female Photographers Take Over ICP’s Instagram

Looking to spruce up your Instagram feed? The International Center of Photography has enlisted eight female photographers to post to the museum’s Instagram account (@icp), starting January 19. The Instagram takeover will coincide with ICP’s upcoming show “Take Ten,” opening January 17. The work in the exhibition documents women’s stories, from child beauty pageants to sex trafficking, all photographed by ICP alumnae.


Wendy White Rebrands Athletic Wear for LES Pop-Up

Last night at Rawson Projects in New York, artist Wendy White unveiled “Redidas®,” a pop-up clothing shop stocked with artist-rebranded vintage merch, including sneakers, tote bags, t-shirts, and bath mats, all of them augmented with a stenciled version of the Adidas tri-leaf logo. (It’s part of the gallery’s “A Process Series,” less-than-two-week-long shows at the space by various artists. Davina Semo is up next.) Rawson’s normal lights were tinted, giving everything a lurid pink glow, as if the shop were located in a sci-fi bordello. “I wanted to see if I could elevate or change the context of an existing thing by putting a kind of messed-up Adidas logo on top,” White told us. “A floral jacket from the ’80s all of a sudden looks like something Rihanna would wear. Logos change our opinions of things. For example: I hate Nike passionately. I almost feel like it’s Republican or something. Brand loyalty and its effect on the psyche is definitely a big part of this project.”

At the opening, I scored a sweet Redidas-rebranded Coke t-shirt for a mere $20, colorful hanger included. “We sold 62 things on opening night but there are still some choice items left,” White assured us. “Since it’s cash-and-carry the gallery is much emptier now, which was the point; I wanted to do something durational in which the distribution was part of the content. I was psyched to find a brand new varsity jacket with ROBERT MORRIS written on the back (it’s a university in western Pennsylvania). Morris’s 1969 ‘Continuous Project Altered Daily’ kind of became the spirit animal for the show–but “Redidas®” is way more fun.” Head down to Madison Street before January 18 to see what swag remains — and check out some more photos, below.


Takashi Murakami Wants to Take a Selfie with You

Called the Andy Warhol of Japan, Takashi Murakami has invited over 100,000 Instagram followers to take selfies with him at Gagosian Gallery in New York on Saturday. The post reads: “If you are in NY this Saturday, January 10th, meet me at 12:30pm at my show at @gagosiangallery W24th Street for my first #InstaMeet- Let’s take a photo like this together!”