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Stick Your Piece to Douglas Coupland’s “Gumhead”

Most encounters with wads of other people’s chewing gum are less than pleasant to say the least, but artist Douglas Coupland is nonetheless soliciting the public’s used Bubblicious and inviting them to stick it to his head — or, at least, a large-scale sculpture thereof. The denotatively titled “Gumhead” currently sits outside the Vancouver Art Gallery, and so far, according to the Globe and Mail, the work has garnered an estimated half million gum pieces in various palimpsestic patterns across the artist’s giant face, sometimes forming a bindi, snot, or blood from the eyes (Coupland suspects this is in reference to this summer’s Ebola outbreak). In a cheeky twist, one visitor even succeeded in sticking a blown-up pink balloon to the statue’s mouth.


Instagrams of the Art World: Le1f, Botero, Burning Man, and More

Artist Rashaad Newsome (rashaadnewsome) snapped this photo of rapper Le1f and brand ambassador Ian Isiah at his King of Arms Art Ball where they were judges on Sunday night.


Miranda July Launches App That Sends Messages Through Strangers

Miranda July is at it again with her projects-about-lonely-people antics. This time, the filmmaker-actress-performance artist has created a messaging app called Somebody that provokes interaction between strangers (what else?).  “When you send your friend a message through Somebody, it goes — not to your friend — but to the Somebody user nearest your friend,” the press release explains. “This person (likely a stranger) delivers the message verbally, acting as your stand-in.”


2015 Armory Antique Show Cancelled

Next year’s Armory Antique Show has been cancelled because the United States National Guard needs their drill hall. Turns out the 69th Regiment Armory, where the fair typically takes place in late January, is owned by the National Guard and they need to use it for military drills during the time the fair was slated to take place.


Art History-Inspired Tumblr Proves Ikea Furniture Really is Timeless

A new art history-inspired Tumblr entered the universe yesterday, courtesy of Tumblr veteran Cecilia Azcarate. Ikea b4-16 finds classic Ikea items in paintings made before 1650 and most of the results are surprisingly spot-on. A Trogen chest turns up in a Hieronymus Bosch work, the Mother Mary reclines on a Mandal bed, and pink Aina curtains parts to reveal the young virgin.  Our favorite is the red pillow highlighted in the background of Hans Memling’s “The Annunciation” (pictured above).


Could Prince’s New Album “Art Official Age” Be the Crossover We’ve Been Waiting For?

While some might argue that Prince’s entire career has been one long performance project, the Purple One makes an explicit reference to art in the title of his recently announced new album “Art Official Age.” Slated to be released on September 30 — on the same day as his much-anticipated 3rdEyeGirl album “Plectrumelectrum” — the arty record was produced, written, and performed by Prince himself and is being publicized as “classic Prince,” according to Rolling Stone. But what exactly will the album have to do with art? Will it go the Koonsy way of Lady Gaga’s “ARTPOP?” Here’s what we know so far.


Did You Hear The One About Shepard Fairey and the Rabbi?

This bus stop ad for High Holidays at the 92 Street Y stopped us in our tracks near Barclays Center in Brooklyn. While attempts to cool up your religion to attract a younger demographic are nothing new, we’re betting that this is the first time Shepard Fairey’s iconic OBEY GIANT design aesthetic has been appropriated to promote Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. (Fairey himself, of course, has been known to borrow before.)


Walker Art Center and Coffee House Press Use Kickstarter to Fund a Cat Art Book

The Walker Art Center’s Internet Cat Video Festival in 2012 kicked off a nationwide tour and a flurry of excitement from pet owners, cat enthusiasts, and cultural critics far and wide. Now, Coffee House Press is looking to bring together the various thoughts about cat videos and their impact on art and culture through a new book titled “Cat is Art Spelled Wrong.” In collaboration with the Walker Art Center, Coffee House Press marketing director Caroline Casey and publisher Chris Fischbach have started a Kickstarter campaign called Catstarter to fund the project. (more…)

Giant Papier-Mâché Heads Depicting Roberta Smith and Jerry Saltz to Roam Dumbo

The Dumbo Arts Festival has just announced the events and projects that will take place at its 18th edition on the Brooklyn waterfront from September 26 to 28. Among the arty attractions will be a performance by artist collective Big Head Brigade for which they will create giant papier-mâché heads, in the Spanish capgrossos tradition, that resemble art critic duo Roberta Smith and Jerry Saltz. Members of the collective, which was founded by artist Megan Marlatt, “will roam the festival, occasionally stopping to dance and check out the artwork,” according to the press release.


Anish Kapoor Plans To Get Really High In 2016

A slightly enigmatic announcement arrived in our inbox this morning: Anish Kapoor will work on a project with the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows. The hazily defined goal will be to “combine art with aviation in a unique and innovative way.” What will that entail? No one is saying much thus far. The collab, debuting at the 2016 Farnborough Air Show, is being organized by Artliner, who were also in charge of this summer’s unique art-in-wind-tunnels exhibition at Farnborough in the UK.