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Study Asks: Can Drawing Make You Happier?


Psychologists have shown that people routinely turn to art when they’re feeling blue. But does it actually make you feel better? Yes and no, says a study published last week in the… More ›

Anxious About Trump? Head To CANADA


“Sorry, no Trump here, just another run-of-the-mill summer group show,” wrote CANADA’s Phil Grauer when I inquired for more information on their upcoming exhibition, “Make… More ›

In Wake of L.A. Shooting, Artist Seeks Weapons


As news breaks today of yet another shooting in the US, this time on the campus of UCLA, it may be a fitting time to heed artist Lin Evola’s appeal to residents and police officials in the… More ›

Jordan Wolfson’s Hypnotic Abuse At Zwirner


I have a feeling Luc Tuymans must be pissed. Or maybe the Belgian painter — whose characteristically bleached-out, glowing canvases currently fill one half of David Zwirner’s West 19th Street… More ›

At NADA, Joel Mesler Dissolves Boundaries


Visitors to this year’s NADA fair in New York, opening tomorrow, might be surprised to discover a publicist selling work by a downtown gallerist, much of it with a wildly modest price tag.