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Instagrams of the Art World: Museum Selfies, TGIF, and More

To celebrate #MuseumSelfieDay, Jeanette Hayes (jeanettehayes) got affectionate with this Adriaen Van Utrecht fish at the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium.


Postmasters Exhibition Receives Anonymous Threat

An apparent threatening message has raised concerns for the Saturday opening of “HO,” an exhibition by the artist Ryder Ripps at Postmasters gallery in Manhattan. The anonymous note, allegedly sent by email to Ripps early on the morning of January 18, accuses the artist of “acting foolishly lately… misogynistic, offensive, flippant, insensitive, not thoughtful.” The message — which the artist posted on social media — continues: “You need to be taught a lesson, and several people are orchestrating it,” promising promising “highly embarrassing” nonviolent action “outside your opening at some point in the evening next week.”


Instagrams of the Art World: Titus Kaphar’s Rousing New Show, and More

A number of artists posted laudatory shots of Titus Kaphar’s new show at Jack Shainman Gallery (see also: Wangechi Mutu), but our favorite caption has got to be Rashaad Newsome’s (rashaadnewsome): “Titus Kaphar’s opening gave me life with no parole. Definitely a must see exhibition.”


Breaking News: Charles Saatchi Gets a Haircut

There have been some incredibly important reports about Charles Saatchi’s hair this week. “Saatchi, 71, has been sporting his business-like short back and sides since December, and the new ‘do appeared to have been given a rather youthful, spiky flourish ahead of his latest outing,” the Daily Mail writes, breaking the story (see their shocking photo evidence here). In an enlightening follow-up article, the Daily Mirror calls the art collector “almost unrecognizable.” (more…)

Instagrams of the Art World: Artists Support #JeSuisCharlie, and More

Hours after the tragic shooting at the Charlie Hebdo offices, Banksy (banksy) posted this drawing by French illustrator Lucille Clerc, which quickly catapulted to popularity across social media.


Instagrams of the Art World: Happy 2015 Edition

Looks like Rainer Judd (rainerjudd) broke a wine glass mid-festivities — but, y’know, at least she made it Art.


Instagrams of the Art World: Gavin Brown’s Christmas List, and More

This week, by far our favorite Instagram discovery has got to be the beautiful geniuses over at FoolsDoArt, two Squarespace employees who spend their free time recreating classic artworks with office supplies and raw determination. If we had our druthers, we’d just do an entire thread of their works — “Girl With a Pearl Earring” and “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp” are especially priceless — but we’ve got a whole seven days of phone-snapped artistry to catalogue, and holiday-ish artistry at that. See, below. (And meanwhile, thank you, Washington Post, for devoting virtual column inches to this well worthy phenomenon.)


Instagrams of the Art World: Cooper Hewitt Selfies, and More


Instagrams of the Art World: Special #MiamiArtWeek Edition

Miami Art Week — AKA, #MiamiArtWeek, #ABMB, and/or #helplolwhatishappening — has finally drawn to a close, but not before the myriad art-worlder attendees had a chance to catalogue their experience on Instagram. Above is rapper Brooke Candy (brookecandy)’s good morning salute to the city — and below are a few more choice snapshots from throughout the week. (Note: We recommend playing Will Smith’s “Miami” on repeat through the duration of this post, also probably hitting yourself over the head several times with a Nerf bat, and you’ll just about approximate the experience of having been there yourself.)


Instagrams of the Art World: Ferguson Protesters Take to NYC, and More

Rashaad Newsome (rashaadnewsome) captured a video of protestors taking to the New York City streets following the grand jury’s failure to indict Darren Wilson — “No justice, no peace, no racist police!” (sounds like he also contributes an affirming “woo!”) — as did Klaus Biesenbach (klausbiesenbach), while Awol Erizku (awolerizku) posted the above photograph.