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DIS Is Feeling the Bern


We know what you’re thinking: first David Lynch, now DIS? But while the shock-haired auteur’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders was little more than a giddy tweet, the seemingly… More ›

David Bowie on Art and Artists


The New York Times has reprinted a 1998 interview with David Bowie in which the art school graduate discusses his interests in visual art — both his own and that which he collected. His oeuvre,… More ›

Of Spirit Portals and Zombie Formalists


Every now and then a story falls in your lap whose dissonant notes converge in an unbelievable symphony: self-delusion, and the attendant quest for fame and visibility; a Certified Psychic who… More ›

Quoted: Seth Price On Jeff Koons


In retrospect, Seth Price’s latest, obscenely titled “novel” (hand-censored above) might not have been the best reading material to bring along to Art Basel Miami Beach. The slim,… More ›

“Another Shitty Painting” By Michael S.


  At Art on Paper Miami, this outsized piece by Michael Scoggins has reportedly been a favorite subject of photographers weary from the fairs. You can see it at the booth of Brooklyn… More ›

The Pirelli Calendar Outpaces the Art World


What happens when you make an almost grotesquely misguided critique of a cultural touchstone — say, the notoriously salacious Pirelli Calendar — only to be upstaged a few months later by the… More ›