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Shows That Matter: Mary Blair’s Wonderful World of Disney

WHAT: Magic, Color, Flair: The World of Mary Blair
WHEN: March 13-September 7, 2014
WHERE: The Walt Disney Family Museum, 104 Montgomery Street, The Presidio, San Francisco (more…)

Painting For The Grand Budapest Hotel: Artist Michael Taylor Talks Working With Wes

In Wes Anderson’s new film “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” set to come out this Friday, the plot revolves around the theft of a 16th century masterwork titled “Boy With Apple” by the fictional artist Johannes Van Hoytl. To paint the perfect masterpiece for the film, the director turned to British figurative painter Michael Taylor. We got in touch with Taylor to ask about working with Anderson, the artistic inspirations for the painting, and who sat for the work.


“Games of Thrones” Author Curates Art Show at Seattle Gallery

Winter is coming to Seattle’s LTD. Art Gallery on March 23 with a show of  “Game of Thrones”-inspired artwork. Organized by gallery owner James Monosmith and the author of the “Song of Ice and Fire” books on which the HBO show is based, George R. R. Martin himself, this exhibition isn’t filled with your average fan art.


George Clooney Tells Britain, “I’m Not Ignorant of Pantheon Marbles”

In the latest development of the row between Hollywood and London over Britain’s right to the Elgin MarblesGeorge Clooney has refuted suggestions from Westminster that he is ignorant of the UK’s legal right to the sculptures because he is an American.


“Monuments Men” Member Left Out of Movie

Hollywood has a lengthy record of taking creative liberties while adapting history to film. Now, the long delayed and hotly anticipated World War II drama “The Monuments Men” — directed, written, and starring George Clooney — about Nazi fighting academics sworn to protect Europe’s most treasured artifacts, may have gone overboard for dramatic effect and is facing scrutiny for excluding one of the key members of the actual group from its script. (more…)

Liz Magic Laser’s “Absolute Event” Turned Paula Cooper Gallery Into a Participatory TV Studio

“Ask me anything you want,” said a man in a suit sitting at a conference table last night at Paula Cooper Gallery’s project space at 197 Tenth Avenue. He was surrounded by a few other people.

“When was the last time you masturbated?” said a woman sitting nearby.

“This morning,” he replied. “Twice.”

The man in the suit was playing the role of a Congressional aide in artist Liz Magic Laser’s installation/performance “Absolute Event.” (more…)

Filmmaker Gregory Markopoulos’s Portraits of Artists Play at MoMA on Thursday

Gregory Markopoulos’s film “Galaxie” is a who’s-who of artists in the 1960s. This 90-minute work, which will be presented at MoMA on Thursday by Markopoulos’s long-time partner, the filmmaker Robert Beavers, is a series of 33 portraits of artists, writers, filmmakers, and choreographers that made up his New York circle during the short time that he lived there including Jasper Johns, Paul Thek, Susan Sontag, Allen Ginsberg, and the Kuchar brothers. Shot on a Bolex in the artists’ studios or homes, and edited in-camera, the film is a colorful riposte to Andy Warhol’s “Screen Tests.” (more…)

Dave Kehr Joins MoMA as Adjunct Curator in the Film Department

dave-kehr-momaOn Monday the Museum of Modern Art announced the hiring of David Kehr to be the institution’s new adjunct curator in the department of film, a role he’ll take up starting December 1. A widely-published film critic and journalist who got his start in Chicago, including stints at Chicago Magazine and the Chicago Tribune, Kehr has been writing the “At the Movies” column for the New York Times since 1999. (more…)

Documentary on Andrew Ohanesian’s “House Party” Takes to Kickstarter


One year and two days ago, hundreds of people attended “The House Party,” an exhibition opening-cum-college kegger thrown to activate Andrew Ohanesian’s functioning replica of a suburban home inside Pierogi Gallery’s Boiler annex. Documentary filmmaker Ben Cannon was on hand to shoot the raucous happening — and the frantic construction process leading up to it — and now he’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the completion of the resulting feature-length documentary, “Big Bad Art.” (more…)

Watch Tara Subkoff’s and Chloe Sevigny’s Satire of Bicostal Malaise for MOCAtv

In conjunction with Urs Fischer’s survey at LA MOCA, Imitation of Christ designer Tara Subkoff’s, filmmaker Tatiana Von Furstenburg, and indie star Chloë Sevigny joined forced to produce a short film for MOCAtv. (more…)