Get Ready for SOLtember

Sol Lewitt

Paula Cooper announced today its first big fall show, a multi-part “sweeping celebration of Sol LeWitt’s prolific career.” Set to open September 8, the exhibition will occupy both of Paula Cooper’s gallery spaces on West 21st Street in Chelsea, as well as two additional spaces.

At the gallery’s 534 West 21st Street location, a selection of LeWitt’s wall drawings will be on display, including his well-known “Wall Drawing #368from 1982, as well as two Styrofoam wall drawings from 1993. Complimenting the wall works will be one of his “Complex Form” sculptures — a white, stalagmite-like painted wood piece from a larger series of similar works.

At the 521 West 21st Street location, the gallery will present a series of LeWitt’s works alongside new pieces by the experimental photographer Liz Deschenes. Organized in collaboration with curator Olivier Renaud-Clément, “Sol Lewitt/Liz Deschenes: Photography,” will feature LeWitt’s serialized photographic works from the mid-1970s onwards, such as “Autobiography,” 1980, “Cut Maps,” 1976, “A sphere lit from the top, four sides, and all their combinations,” 2004, and “Cube,” 1997. Deschenes’s gallery, Miguel Abreu, will present a similar exhibition, titled “Liz Deschenes/Sol Lewitt: Photography,” which will run concurrently.

In addition to Paula Cooper’s two exhibition spaces, the gallery will exhibit one of LeWitt’s open sculptures from 1990 at 529 West 21st Street, as well as an exhibition of LeWitt’s prints at 192 Books.

— Taylor Dafoe (@tddafoe)