Art Won’t Keep Michel Houellebecq Away From His Cigarettes

2008.06.09._Michel_Houellebecq_Fot_Mariusz_Kubik_16The rubbery-faced novelist Michel Houellebecq will not let a silly thing like an art exhibition stop him, or anybody else for that matter, from smoking. According to The Art Newspaper, the writer of many controversial novels and the star of a seriously strange movie has included a smoking room in his new exhibition of photographs at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. “It’s just me having a fraternal thought for my fellow addicts,” Houellebecq told the publication. The smokers lounge reportedly “includes a bar and jukebox which will pay musical versions of 70 of his poems,” which is just the kind of the thing you want to hear when on a smoke break.

In addition to his photographs, the exhibition will also feature works by the artists Robert Combas and Renaud Marchand, along with MRI scans of the author’s brain. Good thing it’s not a CT scan of his lungs.

—Craig Hubert (@craighubert)

(Image: Mariusz Kubik/Wikimedia Commons)