Anxious About Trump? Head To CANADA


“Sorry, no Trump here, just another run-of-the-mill summer group show,” wrote CANADA’s Phil Grauer when I inquired for more information on their upcoming exhibition, “Make Painting Great Again,” opening June 8. “Although we did borrow the graphic from a well-known political campaign, the show’s content has nothing to do with anything but a group of colleagues showing off what they do best.”

Grauer is being a bit modest: with a roster that includes Katherine Bernhardt, Katherine Bradford, Matt Connors, Daniel Hesidence, Tyson Reeder, Michael Williams, and many others, “Make Painting Great Again” promises to be slightly more than run-of-the-mill. And as a bonus, there’ll be schwag for sale, in the form of $25 hats sporting the exhibition’s heartswelling title. (I can’t wait to wear the cap with my Norm Laich t-shirt.)

Scott Indrisek (@indrisek)

(Photo: CANADA)