Premiere: Trailer for David Hockney Documentary

12.David Hockney“Hockney,” a new documentary directed by Randall Wright, traces the paths of an artist who is hard to pin down. From London to New York to California and back around, David Hockney‘s ever-changing and restless work has been as much about location as anything else. But at the age of 78, cigarette still firmly in hand, he seems ready or at least willing to start looking back. With unprecedented access — Wright also directed “David Hockney: Secret Knowledge” (2002) for the BBC concerning the Hockney-Falco thesis — and a thorough reading of the many overlapping layers between Hockney’s life and work, the film is an essential document of one of our most-well known artists. “Hockney” opens in New York City and Los Angeles on April 22. Watch the trailer below:

Craig Hubert (@craighubert)

(Image courtesy of Film Movement)