Quoted: Eileen Myles on Why She’s Ready for Hillary


At the end of Joanna Rothkopf’s thorough retelling of the poet and art writer Eileen Myles’s “revolutionary” 1992 write-in presidential campaign, Myles very measuredly explains why she is voting for Hillary in the present election cycle:

“There’s probably a million reasons why Bernie Sanders is a better candidate, but I’m supporting Hillary because I just want to see a woman sit in the White House once before this empire falls down. And if a woman brings it down, I think that would be cool. I hope she blows it up.”

Eileen Myles: Ready for Hillary.

(As an added bonus, see this 1993 video of Myles reading “An American Poem,” in which the poet asks: “Am I the only one with bleeding gums in this room?”)

Mostafa Heddaya (@mheddaya)

(Photo: Screenshot of “An American Poem,” 1993, via YouTube)