Chrysler Museum Names Curator of Exhibitions

2016_Seth Feman-CurExhibs-ActingCurPhotogVirginia’s Chrysler Museum of Art has named Seth Feman, currently manager of interpretation at the museum, curator of exhibitions and the acting curator of photography, the Norfolk-based institution announced today. Just last week, the museum made another curatorial appointment to chief curator Lloyd DeWitt. Feman’s position is newly created — he will oversee the presentation of the museum’s collection and loans, as well as curation of photography shows.

Previously, Feman guided the writing of thousands of wall labels and educational materials for the museum’s 2014 reopening. Chrysler Museum director Erik Neil said in a statement: “Seth brings to the curatorial department the unique perspective and cross-disciplinary approach that he has established since joining the staff. He has an incredibly wide range of scholarly interests and a unique ability to convey his enthusiasm about the collection and our exhibitions, both in person and in writing.”

This summer, Feman will graduate with a Ph.D in American Studies from the College William & Mary. He is published on a range of topics, from Andrew Mellon’s art collection in the 1920s and photojournalism in the 1930s to the culture wars in the 1990s and Thomas Kinkade prints.

Noelle Bodick (@nbodick)

(Photo: Courtesy Chrysler Museum of Art)