Chrysler Museum Appoints Chief Curator


The Chrysler Museum of Art has selected a new chief curator, Lloyd DeWitt, the Norfolk, Virginia institution announced Thursday. He succeeds longtime chief curator Jeff Harrison, who retired in June 2015. The Canadian art historian and curator comes to the Chrysler Museum from the Art Gallery of Ontario, where he was curator of European art since 2011. DeWitt wrote his doctoral dissertation on the Dutch painter Jan Lievens (1607–1674), but his interests have ranged beyond 17th-century Dutch art to include African art and 20th-century Canadian art.

Like his predecessor, DeWitt will hold the twin titles of chief curator and curator of European art when he joins the museum in the spring. Norfolk’s Chrysler Museum — shaped largely by a 1971 donation from automotive heir Walter Chrysler, Jr., and significantly expanded in a 2014 renovation — is particularly noted for its European collection, which includes Edgar Degas‘s “Dancer with Bouquets,” pictured above.

 — Mostafa Heddaya (@mheddaya)

(Photo: Auguste Rodin, “The Farewell,” 1906–07, left, and Edgar Degas, “Dancer with Bouquets,” c. 1895–1900, right, at the Chrysler Museum of Art; by Mostafa Heddaya)