Trashed Trees Get New Life in Queens


“One of the things that make a New Yorker’s holiday heart clench just a little is the speed with which today’s beacon of light becomes tomorrow’s burnout case, kicked to the curb,” writes Adam Gopnik, describing the intricacies of the city’s annual cycle of buying and discarding Christmas trees. Artists are resourceful creatures, so perhaps it’s no surprise that more than one of them have chanced upon the idea of breathing new life into this forlorn, piny refuse. From January 9 through 31 at the Knockdown Center in Queens, Michael Neff is presenting Suspended Forest, a hanging sculpture composed of found trees that the artist previously unveiled, without official permission, underneath the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Neff’s trees have some breathing room between them; that wasn’t the case when Klara Liden crammed the interior of Reena Spaulings with found firs back in 2012.

—Scott Indrisek (@indrisek)

(Photo: Michael Neff’s Suspended Forest at Knockdown Center)