Instagrams of the Art World: Halloween Edition


Takashi Murakami (takashipom) wins, hands down, for best Halloween costume. I don’t care how good your Furiosa side shave is; this is just fabulously bananas.


KAWS (kaws), meanwhile, threw a spooky, dead-eyed spin on one of his signature figures.


And Alex Da Corte (alexdacorte) found a styrofoam Frankenstein on a bed of packing peanuts.


Meanwhile, various institutions eeried up their feeds in preparation for tomorrow’s fright night, with our biggest plaudits (and/or “dear God why, we’re haunted forever”s) going to SFMOMA (sfmoma) for “Prickle, the Clown,” a 1931 Paul Klee sketch that appears to have prefigured both Hellraiser AND killer clowns in one awful fell swoop.


But honorable mention certainly goes to Lucien Smith (of last night’s “Macabre Suite”)’s “before the devil knows your [sic] dead” and its child-tonguing demon (via halfgallery).


And who could leave out Jill Freedman’s “Bigfoot, New York City, 1977″ at Steven Kasher Gallery (as captured by the ever-intrepid rcembalest), if only for the sheer terror in this cat’s eyes.


Speaking of which, you can see just the trepidation on young Pickle’s (picklebeholding) tiny dog face, as if to ask, “Wait — is this art pun-based?” (To see for yourself, head over to Lehmann Maupin for Nari Ward’s show before November 1.)

And last but never least, here is the unofficial cheerleader of this feature, decked out in his Halloween best. We would never deny you a B, E, R, or T, o fluffiest one (bertiebertthepom).

— Anneliese Cooper (@DawnDavenport)