Instagrams of the Art World: Neon, “Aladdin,” and More


Ryan McGinley (ryanmcginleystudios) wished photographer Sandy Kim a gleefully neon birthday.


In further neon news, while in Paris, Paul Judelson (pjudelson) found a Mira Dancy piece in a private collection — different, of course, from her neon in “Greater New York” at PS1.


INSTASthemlaAnd Thelma Golden (thelmagolden) caught up with a school group from Harlem’s Thurgood Marshall Academy hanging out by Glenn Ligon’s “Give Us A Poem” at the Studio Museum.


K8 Hardy (k8hardball), meanwhile, was just being her usual flawless self, leopard-clad and sipping canned Perrier in a bathroom.


Speaking of canned beverages, Petra Cortright (petcortright) designed an exceedingly grody-looking energy drink can for Société in Berlin.


Speaking of disembodied hands holding things, Alex da Corte propositioned Jayson Musson (jaysonmusson) in a way that is nigh impossible to turn down.


Speaking of things Alex da Corte (alexdacorte) does well, here’s your pre-Halloween tip on how best to use the carpool lane.

And finally this week, Orly Genger (orlygenger) made this print at Island Press — featuring, to the best of our understanding, superheroes put through a trash compactor.

—Anneliese Cooper (@DawnDavenport)