Instagrams of the Art World: Pope Prep, Leo DiCaprio Paints, and More


Like the rest of Manhattan, the Guggenheim (guggenheim) bravely geared up for the Pope’s arrival — in this case, by highlighting recently returned artist Tania Bruguera’s project “The Francis Effect,” in which she uses postcards to petition Pope Francis to grant migrants citizenship in Vatican City. (For more information, check out Ashton Cooper’s interview with Bruguera — or visit


And speaking of current events, Christian Rosa (christianfuckingrosa) appears to be offering some plausible deniability to Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, who said on air that Leonardo DiCaprio painted the Mona Lisa.


Meanwhile, here’s a blast from the past (week), in which Kia Labeija (goodnight_kia) vogued her way to the grand prize at Rashaad Newsome’s King Of Arms Art Ball.


Over at the Swiss Institute, the greenscreen walls of curator Felix Burrichter’s “PAVILLON DE L’ESPRIT NOUVEAU: A 21st Century Show Home” allowed us to imagine fun scenarios in which to ensconce the unsuspecting partygoers — so far, our favorites include “endoscopy footage” and “looping episodes of TRL.” (Photo by hellothirdeye.)


Magdalena Abakanowicz’s burlap “Coexistence (6),” however, is having none of that (as captured by rcembalest at Marlborough Broome Street).


Tauba Auerbach (lil_tau_au) witnessed what is either a very creative paint job or a violently dickish move.


Keren Cytter offered us all some friendly advice courtesy of Hans Ulrich Obrist (hansulrichobrist).


And finally this week, for those of us who may have been moping about the onset of sweater weather, here is the ultimate tonic: a tiny dog in a sweater — repeat: a tiny dog in a tiny color-coordinated dog sweater — captioned, as if speaking it majestically forth, “Art can be so soulful and make you feel alive, and feel others are just like you inside, and that you’re not alone.” In Bertram’s name we pray. Amen. (Thanks as always, bertiebertthepom)

— Anneliese Cooper (@DawnDavenport)