Instagrams of the Art World: Kapoor and Ai Walk, Broad Opens, and More


“Two artists. Three fingers,” reads Anish Kapoor’s (dirty_corner) caption for this Instagrammed announcement of his and Ai Weiwei’s walk across London (read all about it in this morning’s Checklist). “We will walk out of London. We will each carry a single blanket. A symbol of the need that faces 60 million refugees in our world today,” Kapoor added. He also alluded to the fact that the duo plan to “repeat this action in cities worldwide over the coming months.”


To break out our Clue-playing finest: “It was the Rubells with the Koons in the new Broad Museum!” — which officially opened its doors to gala-goers last night (including photo-taker Emmanuel Perrotin, emmanuelperrotin).


Meanwhile, a few rooms over, Takashi Murakami (takashipom) did his best impression of Vanna White as a dapper vacuum salesman.


And, jealousy of jealousies, the inimitable Chrissy Hynde inaugurated the building with some shredding (as captured by Sara Fitzmaurice, sarafitzmaurice).


Back in New York, however, we’re busy gearing up for the New York Art Book Fair (see our list of 11 must-see events for a full run-down) — including the pictured “Death Disco Dance,” performed by Vanessa Walters, to accompany Marcel Dzama’s (marceldzama) new zine “Death Disco” at David Zwirner Books’ booth.


Which is cool and all, but over at Lazy Mom’s (lazymomnyc) booth, they have Jell-O with roses and money in it, so…


Lest we engender undue competition — everyone is a winner at the Art Book Fair — let’s hop over to something we can all agree to: the excellence of Juan Pablo Echeverri’s shirt and its perfect placement before this Wolfgang Tillmans photograph. Stuart Comer (stuartcomer), ya done good. (For those interested, here’s some more thoughts on the Tillmans show.)

And last, but certainly not least, we present a caption contest for the latest cover of Free Magazine, as art directed by Alex Da Corte (alexdacorte). Chime in, dear Reader — our pre-weekend brains are failing us, but surely there is a really good joke here…

— Anneliese Cooper (@DawnDavenport)