EXPO CHICAGO Announces Fair’s Special Projects And Installations


Taking a cue from Chicago’s beloved “Cloud Gate” sculpture — the polished-bean-resembling Anish Kapoor work recently in the news due to a Chinese copycat version — this year’s IN/SITU programming at the EXPO CHICAGO fair will focus on works that “evoke a certain celestial consciousness that confounds the expansive sky-scape above with the frenetic energy of the exposition below,” according to curator Louis Grachos, director of The Contemporary Austin. That means, in practice, a number of sculptures that hang, loom, or otherwise dangle above the booths. Those include pieces by Carol Bove, Matthias Bitzer, Daniel Buren (pictured above), Andy Coolquitt, Antony Gormley, Jessica Stockholder, Cerith Wyn Evans, and others.

Other EXPO programming includes IN/SITU Outside, with longer-term installations of work in Grant Park and the city’s Museum Campus. Participants there include Buren, again, as well as Ewerdt Hilgemann and Guiseppe Penone; additional outdoor works by the likes of Christopher Wool, Ai Weiwei, and Joel Shapiro will also be sited across the city, courtesy of the Chicago Parks District. Finally, there’s EXPO Projects, which this year taps Spencer Finch, Hank Willis Thomas, Susan Hefuna, Amalia Pica, the suddenly, almost creepily omnipresent Daniel Buren, and others.

— Scott Indrisek (@indrisek)

(Photo: via Manila Art Blogger, a view of Daniel Buren’s “From three windows, 5 colours for 252 places,” 2006, as installed at ArtHK in 2012)