Market Art + Design Brings Fresh Focus to the Hamptons


Market Art + Design, the fair formerly known as Art Market Hamptons, complements its new title with a new location, right on the waterfront at Fairview Farm through Sunday, July 12. But perhaps the most important shift is in the focus of its program, with an influx of galleries specializing in design. “I was looking at people’s habits while they were here, and I was looking at a real explosion of the design sector at large,” said Max Fishko, co-owner of Art Market Productions alongside his partner Jeffrey Wainhause. “We decided that it was a real opportunity for us to move into a new space and present something fresh and different for our customers.”

Of course, there will be some familiar faces and styles — like first-time Art Market participant Michelle Sakhai, whose works already grace a number of Hamptons households and whose abstract metallic canvases now glint over at Allen Projects. Fishko also noted perhaps a slight favor toward works that include natural elements (maybe it’s the beachside ethos) — see: AMMA Studio co-founder Fernando Mastrangelo’s sculptural furniture, cast in materials like salt, sugar, and sand (pictured above).

2015 KIM Hamptons Installation 12X12 High Res


“A lot of the dealers that we’re working with from the visual arts side have some design components to their program that this is affording them the opportunity to showcase,” Fishko added. Lyons Wier, for example, have elaborated on their usual narrative program to include some more abstract works to fit the bill; Stephanie Hirsch’s surfboards, inscribed with motivational slogans, match a particularly summery vibe, while Jae Yong Kim’s grids of donut sculptures add some part-sardonic kitsch.

“At first blush, they’re just fun, great elements that you could put in your kitchen if you wanted, but on the flip-side, it’s kind of a biting commentary on contemporary art,” said dealer Michael Lyons, citing the “blue chip” elements scattered throughout the various glazings — Mondrian stripes here, Mickey Mouse ears there. “It can either be a one-liner or a novella.”


A similar sentiment echoes over at The Hole with Rose Eken’s “Carry All,” a collection of 61 quotidian objects — hairbrush, Metro card, Marlboros, even the purse in which to put them — all rendered in shiny to-scale ceramics, their surfaces warped with visible handicraft. And then there’s Anna Barlow’s dripping ceramic pile of cakes and ice cream over at Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, aptly titled “I’ll bring you everything,” the way one might imagine a waiter presenting the overloaded tray.

“We’ve always been a little bit smaller, we’ve always been a little bit younger, and we’ve always been a little bit more playful,” Fishko said of his company’s ever-expanding network of fairs — next up, the inaugural edition of the Seattle Art Fair in just three short weeks. True to form, Market Art + Design offers up light, fun projects alongside sleek pieces, keeping fairgoers on their (likely sandal-clad) toes.

Anna Barlow, I'll bring you everything, 2014, ceramic

— Anneliese Cooper (@DawnDavenport)

(Photos: Fernando Mastrangelo’s “MMaterial,” 2015, Courtesy of the artist and MMaterial; Jae Yong Kim’s “Donut Rush,” Courtesy the artist and Lyons Wier; Rose Eken’s “Carry All,” Courtesy the artist and The Hole; Anna Barlow’s “I’ll bring you everything,” 2014, Courtesy of the artist and Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery)