Help Pay For Agnes Varda and JR’s Road Trip

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 7.45.51 AMFilmmaker Agnès Varda and the artist known simply as JR are looking to hit the road together and they want you to help pay for gas. The duo have launched a crowd-funding campaign via Kiss Kiss Bank Bank for a project that will see them traveling to the Provence region in southeastern France, where they plan to drive around in JR’s photo booth truck and “meet the people of Provence, talk with them, take their portraits, give some to them, enlarge others into giant formats and stick them to walls.”

According to the crowd-funding page, the two met when JR invited Varda to his studio, where he took the photo seen above. (Later, the rapper Mos Def randomly stopped by the studio.) They reconnected a few months ago during the Tribeca Film Festival, where JR was premiering his short-film “Les Bosquets” and Varda was in town for her mini-retrospective during the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s “Art of the Real” series. From these meetings, an idea of a collaboration was born.

JR and Varda want to hit the road in July, which means they are attempting to raise €50,000 in less than a month. According to the budget-breakdown, this money will help pay for salaries and lodging for the crew, gas, plug-in mosquito repellents, a folding chair for Varda, and a “Chinese thermos so Agnès will always have hot water wherever she goes on the shoot.”

Are you going to deny Agnès Varda her hot water from a Chinese thermos?

—Craig Hubert (@craighubert)

(Photo: JR’s instagram)