A Twist on the Art Fair Tote from DRx Romanelli


Ah, the art fair tote, ubiquitous symbol of bustling convention halls and preferred transporter of overpriced snacks. Professional fairgoers may well boast a closetful of these oh-so-handy souvenirs — a rat king of logo-emblazoned canvas that, were we more industrious, we could perhaps chop and screw and Frankenstein into some kind of super bag. But in case your sewing machine is on the fritz, and/or you’d prefer to enlist a professional, Los Angeles–based designer DRx Romanelli is on the case. In partnership with Shane Campbell Gallery, Romanelli has created a series of unique bags collaged from the scraps of fair totes past, plus custom lining and augmentations in canvas, leather, suede, and flannel.


Of course, compared with your average art fair get, these angular designs are considerably more stylish. They are also, however, considerably less free ($250 less free, to be precise). But hey, some of the editions with prominent Frieze logos are still available — if you act quick, you can slide through next week in bespoke pack-mule style. Or, just grab another plain one to toss on the pile.


— Anneliese Cooper (@DawnDavenport)

(Photos: Courtesy DRx Romanelli and Shane Campbell Gallery)