Korean Museum Uses Adorable Cats in Visitor Etiquette Guide

“Nearly forty years after their first appearance, the practices now associated with ‘institutional critique’ have for many come to seem, well, institutionalized.”

“[I]f there is no outside for us, it is not because the institution is perfectly closed, or exists as an apparatus in a ‘totally administered society,’ or has grown all-encompassing in size and scope. It is because the institution is inside of us, and we can’t get outside of ourselves.”

“With each attempt to evade the limits of institutional determination, to embrace an outside, to redefine art or reintegrate it into everyday life, to reach ‘everyday’ people and work in the ‘real’ world, we expand our frame and bring more of the world into it. But we never escape it.”

“Every time we speak of the ‘institution’ as other than ‘us,’ we disavow our role in the creation and perpetuation of its conditions.”

Mostafa Heddaya (@mheddaya)

(Visitor etiquette guide from the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, photo via John Overholt/Twitter; text from Andrea Fraser’s “From the Critique of Institutions to an Institution of Critique” in Artforum, September 2005)