Rosenberg Granddaughter Will Open Her Own Gallery

Marianne Rosenberg — granddaughter of the legendary Modern art dealer Paul Rosenberg, whose family reclaimed more than 300 of their Nazi-looted artworks over three generations — will open a gallery on Manhattan’s Upper East Side next month. Occupying the ground floor of 19 East 66th Street, Rosenberg & Co. will carry on the family’s legacy, dealing Impressionist and Modern art. The gallery also reports that it will venture into contemporary work.

Still, the first exhibition, “Inspired by History,” looks back to the late 19th and 20th centuries, including work by Juan Gris, George Braque, and Max Weber, among other foundational artists.

In 1940, after the Nazis seized the French family’s art trove, Paul Rosenberg moved from Paris to New York. Here, Marianne’s father, Alexandre P. Rosenberg, continued in the family trade, founding the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) in 1962. Coincidentally, Marianne’s inaugural show is planned to coincide with the ADAA’s Art Show and will open on March 7.

— Noelle Bodick (@nbodick)

(Photo: Braque’s “Lemons and Cup,” 1925. Courtesy Rosenberg & Co.)