Instagrams of the Art World: Special #MiamiArtWeek Edition

Miami Art Week — AKA, #MiamiArtWeek, #ABMB, and/or #helplolwhatishappening — has finally drawn to a close, but not before the myriad art-worlder attendees had a chance to catalogue their experience on Instagram. Above is rapper Brooke Candy (brookecandy)’s good morning salute to the city — and below are a few more choice snapshots from throughout the week. (Note: We recommend playing Will Smith’s “Miami” on repeat through the duration of this post, also probably hitting yourself over the head several times with a Nerf bat, and you’ll just about approximate the experience of having been there yourself.)

Klaus Biesenbach (klausbiesenbach) owned up to his selfie obsession at a Basel panel about the artistic import of Instagram — see: this one with Mickalene Thomas, perhaps fraught after his altercation with Mykki Blanco at a PS1 afterparty. Still, by far our favorite image from his ever-active feed is above, hunched under an Erwin Wurm sculpture, just begging to be the subject of a politically charged caption contest. Klaus’s attempt: “authorities need to be downsized to human scale!”

Christie’s Capucine Milliot (capucinemilliot) snapped this wonderfully color-coordinated shot of infamous fairgoing artist duo EVA & ADELE.

Daniel Arsham (danielarsham) hung out by Snarkitecture’s marble run installation with Usher, who appears incredulous but pleased by the experience.

Model and actress China Chow (china_chow) caught her father, restauranteur Michael Chow, and his fellow Surface Magazine covergirl Julian Schnabel huddled beneath their respective editions. No news yet on what the towels are all about, but for the record, we’re into it.

Jennifer Rubell checked in with her parents, whom she included in her food art piece “Let Them Eat Cake” — in which the Rubells, along with 48 other servers, fed bites of cake to visitors in celebration of the Rubell Family Collection’s 50th anniversary — captured here by Fitz and Co VP Rebecca Taylor (rebeccataylorny).

Hole Gallery’s Kathy Grayson (kathy__grayson) apparently had these stickers of her Instagram-happy dog Bertram at her NADA booth, and the fact that we didn’t get one will haunt us for the rest of our miserable lives.

Feminist art collective The Push Pops (gopushpops) got a signed copy of Marilyn Minter’s “Plush,” her recently published book featuring photos of women’s pubic hair.

Apparently nonplussed with the Miami sights, art collective assume vivid astro focus (assumevivivastrofocus) mocked up this parody cover of Artforum — note the apt repurposing of their acronym, “always vomit after formalities.”

And finally this week, our closing spot goes to the anonymous Instagrammer “fartbasel,” the art world’s latest comedy Robin Hood, who used the app LINE Camera to augment images of artworks from the various Miami fairs — and without whom we would never have this glorious visual of Peter Marino passing gas into eternity. (Thanks, SEEN, for pointing us toward this untold beauty.)

— Anneliese Cooper (@DawnDavenport)