Neil Young’s Car Watercolors Make Their West Coast Debut

In case you hadn’t heard, musician Neil Young is fond of cars — from his 2009 album “Fork in the Road,” inspired by his retooled Lincoln Continental (or, “Lincvolt”), to his memoir “Special Deluxe: A Memoir of Life & Cars,” the title of which is pretty self-explanatory. Apparently, though, neither music nor the written word was quite sufficient to express the full extent of his affection, so Young took up a paintbrush. Now, Young’s watercolor automobiles set to debut at LA’s Robert Berman Gallery on November 3, marking his first-ever West Coast art show.

Of course, Young joins the ranks of musicians the world over who’ve seen fit to hop over to visual art (see: David Bowie’s blocky portraits, currently on view as part of the “David Bowie Is” exhibition in Chicago). It seems only fair; all that guitar-plucking must get tiresome, right? Still, Young’s concurrently keeping with his musical roots, releasing an album the day after the show. Titled “Storytone,” the LP features 10 new songs and boasts a 92-piece orchestra — as well as one of his watercolors for the cover, just in case you were worried about its lack of car-related tribute.

— Anneliese Cooper (@DawnDavenport)

(Photo: Via Stereogum)