Dispatches From Frieze: Wangechi Mutu Wants You To Bite Her Chocolate Mermaids

At a private reception for Brooklyn-based Wangechi Mutu’s solo exhibition at Victoria Miro in London, gallery assistants were pushing small, chocolate figurines representing one of the artist’s signature mutant-mermaid characters. (The stunning mixed-media collage works on view depicted even less plausible, monstrous hybrids.) The deal was that one could take a choco-sculpture home if one agreed to photograph oneself chomping off a piece of the mermaid’s anatomy. We imagine certain savvy collectors are already stockpiling these saccharine mermaids in their fridge, ready to flip at Christie’s inevitable Contemporary Works in Chocolate evening sale. Meanwhile, Instagrammers can check out the attendees who partook by scanning the #mutumermaids hashtag.

— Scott Indrisek (@indrisek)

(Photos: Scott Indrisek)