Dispatches From Frieze London: Pumpkin Art Abounds

Perhaps capitalizing on the impending, ghoulish festivities of October 31st, two generations of readymade masters are exploiting the pumpkin at Frieze London. At Andrew Kreps’s booth, conceptual prankster Darren Bader presents “Rubberband ball and/with jack-o’-lantern,” which — as the title leads you to believe — is an actual carved pumpkin stuffed with an enormous rubberband ball. (You’ve got to love expensive artworks that are almost guaranteed to decompose before you get them home.) Nearby, at White Cube’s booth, Bader’s spiritual forefather Haim Steinbach has “Untitled (pumpkin, pot),” 2014, a sculpture that incorporates a slightly more sleek and sinister Halloween icon.

— Scott Indrisek (@indrisek)

(Photos: Scott Indrisek)