Bushwick Expo Brings International Galleries to Brooklyn

Bushwick will see the launch of a new international art festival this fall. Titled, “Exchange Rates: The Bushwick Expo,” the event has 24 Bushwick galleries playing host to 28 galleries from the west coast, Europe and Asia. The project has been spearheaded by Bushwick spaces Centotto and Theodore:Art in collaboration with London-based organization Sluice and will run October 23 through 26.

Here’s the full list of participants:

Signal Gallery, Bushwick

Centotto, Bushwick

Norte Maar, Bushwick

Schema Projects, Bushwick

FireProof East, Bushwick

The Active Space, Bushwick

Studio10, Bushwick

Art Helix, Bushwick

The Parlour Bushwick, Bushwick

Fuchs Projects, Bushwick

Storefront Ten Eyck, Bushwick

Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Bushwick

Honey Ramka, Bushwick

Generis, Bushwick

Harbor, Bushwick

Arts in Bushwick, Bushwick

Theodore:Art, Bushwick

Associated Gallery, Bushwick

Outlet Gallery, Bushwick

Parallel Art Space, Bushwick

Fresh Window, Bushwick

Brooklyn Fire Proof, Bushwick

The Vazquez Building, Bushwick

The BogArt, Bushwick

Transition Gallery, London

Up State, Zurich, Switzerland

Studio1.1, London, UK

Durden and Ray, Los Angeles, USA

Trove, Brirmingham, UK

Sluice__ screens, London, UK

Platform Gallery, Seattle, USA

Paper Gallery, Manchester, UK

Fort Gallery, London, UK

Telescope Gallery, Beijing, China

Rockelmann &, Berlin, Germany

QWERTY, Denmark

Division of Labour, Worcester, UK

F.B.I., Worksop, UK

Class1 Gallery, Middlesbrough, UK

Susak Expo[RT], London, UK

A Brooks, London, UK

Queenspark Railway Club, Glasgow, UK

ECH-O-CHAM-BER, Birmingham, UK

La Couleuvre, Paris, France

GSL Projekt, Berlin, Germany

Metamatrix Art Lab, Netherlands

Museo Microcollection, Milan, Italy

Blackwater Polytechnic, Essex, UK

Spaceworks, Tacoma, USA

Random Institute, Zurich, Switzerland

SEASON, Seattle, USA

The Penthouse, Manchester, UK

— Ashton Cooper (ashton_cooper)

(Photo: Courtesy Bushwick Expo)