Various Small Fires Moves From Venice Beach to Hollywood

Three-year-old Los Angeles gallery Various Small Fires (VSF) has announced that it will relocate to a new Johnston Marklee-designed space on October 9. The 5,000-square-foot Hollywood venue — located at 812 North Highland Avenue — will have both indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces in addition to a 50-foot “outdoor sound corridor” that will have regular sound art programming. VSF is slated to kick off its new space with exhibitions by locals artists Amir Nikravan and Scott Benzel.

“Indoor/outdoor integration is the key design and programmatic feature of VSF’s new gallery,” gallery founder Esther Kim Varet told Artinfo in an email. “Visitors will enter through a long outdoor sound art corridor, leading to an outdoor exhibition space which was conceived as a ‘roofless gallery’ to take advantage of LA’s beautiful year-round climate. This will be a place to present outdoor sculpture, major installations, as well as host screenings and large scale projections on the tall white walls surrounding the space.  Connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces is a wide sliding glass window which will be left open during events for a seamless flow.”

Look out for upcoming shows from Jim Drain (who also designed the gallery’s new reception desk), Peter Harkawik, John Houck, Anna Sew Hoy, Liz Magic Laser, and Amy Yao.

— Ashton Cooper (ashton_cooper)

(Photo: Courtesy Various Small Fires)