Mint&Serf Curate a TriBeCa Photography Show

As New York-based graffiti duo Mint&Serf (aka the Mirf) get set to release the seventh edition of their Special Graffiti Unit (SGU) limited edition newsprint, they’re also busy preparing to open a photography exhibition called “Never Too Young, which will run concurrently at TriBeCa’s No Romance Galleries today through September 7. Produced alongside Good Peoples, the exhibition, carefully curated by Mint&Serf, will showcase the work of emerging photographers PJ Monte, Mike Krim, Osvaldo Chance Jiminez (aka Slutlust), and Harry McNally — all of whom are featured in the newest issue of SGU.

In keeping with their own practice, which prominently features collaborations with other artists, the Never Too Young issue and show focuses on both the divergent styles and themes unique to each photographer and the ways in which each contributes to a collective aesthetic.

“In all, these four documentarians capture people and objects every day to leave us with a set of lasting and nostalgic reactions. Whether banal or beautiful or exciting, the goal is to fuse these complementing sensations to create a full picture of the ranging emotions we experience,” said artist Mikhail Sokovikov (Mint) in a press release for the event.

In addition to their painting, Mint&Serf has made work for the New York Yankees, Ace Hotel, SoHo House, Marc Jacobs, and Barton Perreira. Only 1,000 copies of the seventh issue of SGU will be printed. Those are slated to be distributed at Reed Space, Ace Hotel, ONLY NY, and Printed Matter.

— Alanna Martinez (@lanna_martinez)

(Photo: PJ Monte)