Frieze London to Close Sunday to Make Fair Better for Art World

This year, Frieze London and Frieze Masters will open from Wednesday until Saturday, with the preview on Tuesday — a shift forward from its traditional Thursday to Sunday opening days. The change means that visitors who do not work in the art world, and are not art collectors, will now only have one day to visit — rather than the entire weekend. Frieze co-director Matthew Slotover told ARTINFO UK that the reason for the change, which will limit public accessibility, is to provide a better experience for the art world.

“In London we get such a big demand from the public, but that can overwhelm the fair,” Slotover said. “The point of the fair is that it’s for art professionals and collectors, and galleries can be overwhelmed. So we just wanted to pull the focus back a bit and give the professionals more time — quieter time.”

He added that they’ve also been gradually reducing the number of tickets sold each day over the last three years, in order to lower public visitor numbers. Another development to make Frieze more pleasant for art professionals this year is a redesign of the space, led by new appointments Universal Design Studio. In previous years, the fair has been set on a gradual four-meter slope — imperceptible to most visitors, but a potential problem for exhibitors. A 90-degree rotation will correct this issue and level the ground.

Last year, Frieze widened the aisles inside the exhibition hall in an attempt to make it a calmer experience. The wider aisles will be retained for this year’s edition.

— Ashitha Nagesh (@UK_ARTINFO)

(Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images)