Nadim Abbas’s Post-Apocalyptic Art Bar to Hit Art Basel in Hong Kong

Just when we thought the Frieze New York fair madness was behind us, we remembered that Art Basel in Hong Kong is gearing up to start this Thursday. The only way to cope? A good strong drink. Thankfully, Hong Kong-based artist Nadim Abbas will be creating a “post-apocalyptic, bunker-like” art bar at the Hong Kong fair replete with four cocktails he has dreamed up himself. Check out the sci-fi-inspired concoctions below.

“Apocalypse Postponed” is modeled after a post-fallout safe house and draws inspiration from “cult science fiction films including ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ ‘Dune,’ and ‘Alien’ to 20th century defensive plans and fortifications such as the Swiss National Redoubt and Atlantic Wall.” The Absolut-sponsored project will be open for the fair’s entire run from May 15 to 18.

2666: A Space Cocktail (pictured above)
Absolut vodka, Pomegranate, Beetroot, Citrus, Ginseng tea and Absinth. Served in space vacuum drink pack.

Absolut vodka, Sake, Guava, Lime, Ginger, Lime leaf syrup, Club Soda and a calcium tablet. Shaken and served straight up in a plastic highball together with a Calcium tablet and Ginger pipet.

鐵飯碗 (Iron Rice Bowl)
Puffed rice infused Absolut Vodka and White Chocolate syrup stirred. Served straight up in a metal rice bowl.

Black Dog
Absolut Elyx, Lapsang tea reduction and Cherry liqueur. Stirred and served over a large ice cube into an aluminum muffin cup.

— Ashton Cooper (ashton_cooper)

(Photos: Courtesy Absolut)