Cincinnati’s FotoFocus Biennial to Open this October

FotoFocus, Cincinnati’s month-long photography biennial, has announced preliminary details about its second edition, which is slated to take place October 8 through November 1. New York-based curator Kevin Moore will be the biennial’s artistic director and will curate six exhibitions that will take place in the Over-the-Rhine arts district of the city. While FotoFocus won’t announce the locations of all six shows or the full list of artists until June, it has announced details of two exhibitions. The theme will be “photography in dialogue” with its own history and contemporary art.

“Two shows to be announced specifically explore this idea of the history of photography in relation to contemporary art, treating similar subjects and themes but in strikingly different ways,” Moore told ARTINFO in an email. “Such interactions (between photography and art) have always occurred but rarely explored art historically, largely because of a still-existing modernist hangover, dictating separation of media.  Examining these relations is long overdue.  Film’s relation to art photography is glaringly underexplored.  Our “Screenings” exhibition is one of the first serious attempts that I’m aware of to explore the relation between photography and the moving image.”

“The Screenings,” which was part of the recent programming at Paris Photo LA, is an exhibition of films “selected with still photography in mind,” according to Moore. Its location has not yet been announced.

Another exhibition “Taiya Onorato & Nico Krebs” is the first major US museum exhibition for the Swiss duo and will take place at the Contemporary Arts Center. “The exhibition features artists working in mediums that stray beyond photography: film, sculpture, installation,” Moore said.

In addition to the Moore-curated shows, the biennial will fund photo-focused programming at 33 non-profits in the region including the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), the Taft Museum of Art, and the Cincinnati Art Museum. Furthermore, 50 other spaces in the region are expected to participate with photo exhibitions.

“FotoFocus was created to inspire local museums, galleries, and the community to further realize the power of the medium of photography as a force of both artistic and social debate, and to support thoughtfully curated exhibitions, events, and community initiatives,” Mary Ellen Goeke, Executive Director of FotoFocus, told ARTINFO via email.

— Ashton Cooper (@ashton_cooper)

(Photo: Film still from Nicolas Provost, STARDUST, 2010. Part of The Screenings curated by Kevin Moore. Courtesy Tim Van Loere Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium)