Flint Public Art Seeks Architect for Art House

Michigan non-profit the Flint Public Art Project (FPAP) is currently seeking an architect-in-residence to take charge of their current project to turn a former funeral home in downtown Flint into an alternative art space and design incubator called Spencer’s Art House. The Theaster Gates-like project will turn the dilapidated house into a space for exhibitions, performances, an outdoor screenings, studios, and artist residencies. While some renovation has already taken place on the foundation, exterior, and grounds, FPAP is seeking someone to take charge of the second phase of the project that will include repairing the roof, installing plumbing and electric, and seeing the project through to completion.

“We’re working very closely right now with building inspection and they’ve been very helpful in troubleshooting the project,” FPAP Executive Director Stephen Zacks told Michigan Live. “We’re definitely excited about the possibility of having artist workspace in the neighborhood. I think that our arts culture is kind of that hidden gem in our community and making an area in the city welcoming to artists is really at the core of the revitalization of the neighborhood.”

— Ashton Cooper (ashton_cooper)

(Photo: Rendering of Spencer’s Art House; Flint Public Art)