Street Artist PAZ Pranks Justin Bieber

Los Angeles street artist and electronic musician PAZ could potentially face jail time for an April Fool’s act of, what he calls, “reverse shoplifting.” Paz Dylan and five of his assistants replaced 5,000 copies of Justin Bieber’s 2012 CD “Believe” with identical copies containing a disc of PAZ’s music in major retail stores across L.A. PAZ’s replacement CD case was an exact replica complete with Bieber’s album art, shrink-wrap, and a working bar code, all created in his studio. The first giveaway to anyone who bought the counterfeit would probably be the image on the disc inside — a corgi’s head in a baseball cap peeking out from a taco shell superimposed over a collage of pizza and cats.

The people who would pay money at a big box store for a physical copy of a dated Bieber CD seem like an odd target for a performance art prank, but PAZ says that wasn’t exactly the point. “The general idea is that retail stores make it almost impossible for independent musicians to get their music in there,” he told the Associated Press. Whatever artistic goals he had in mind, at the very least it’s impressive that PAZ got away with replacing 5,000 actual CDs from those retail stores. Although, the act is possibly a misdemeanor or felony according to a Los Angeles police department spokeswoman.

— Christopher Kareska (@cwoodskares)

(Photo: Twitter)