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Botero Denies “Obsession with Fat Women”

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In an interview published yesterday in Spanish newspaper El Mundo, 81-year-old Colombian artist Fernando Botero got very frank about the infamously full-figured subjects of his paintings and sculptures.

“I don’t paint fat women,” Botero said, according to a translation of the interview done by AFP. “Nobody believes me but it is true. What I paint are volumes. I am interested in volume, the sensuality of form. If I paint a woman, a man, a dog or a horse, I always do with this idea of the volume, it is not that I have an obsession with fat women.”

Botero’s interviewer Irene Hernandez Velasco even went so far as to ask him if he was attracted to rotund ladies. “No, no, not at all. I have been attached to three women, all of them skinny,” he replied.

In the same interview, Botero also spoke about his escape from a house fire this past January. “I woke up and we managed to get out, in the dark, without any light, with everything full of smoke and almost asphyxiated but we managed it,” Botero said. “It was terrible, 80 percent of the house burned down. It is a miracle I am alive.”

— Ashton Cooper (ashton_cooper)

(Photo: AFP)

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  1. BOTERO is a great artist ! I like this paint and also his statues with larges woomen.Expression are fabulous ! But in life I prefere only beautiful woomen no larges . For exemple Marylin Monroe . When I was young I finded it very exciting and lovely as JFK who loved Marylin….Sincerely to you BLOUIN and co .Michel Edouard René BRIENS de TOURVILLE

  2. In my humble opinion Botero is a good painter, Ive seen some of his early stuff and hes gifted, but I think maybe all this fat thing is a gimmick he discovered and exploited ad nauseam, fat cows, fruit, women, anything!I dont find them attractive, but obviously many do!.

  3. This reminds me of the way Georgia O’Keeffe used to angrily deny that her flower paintings were vaginal.

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