Armory Show Launches New Site and Rebrand

One month before art will start filling up the piers, the Armory Show has debuted a new visual identity and a new website conceived by New York-based design and advertising firm Our Man in Havana. No doubt an effort to stay competitive with the effortlessly hip, farm-to-table food-serving folks at Frieze, the new Armory identity is certainly a sleeker look for the older fair. The new campaign, which features the works of 2014 Commissioned Armory Artist Xu Zhen, is titled “Colossal” and puts the white walls of the art fair onto New York City street scenes.

The fair’s new logo, a cube with a small opening, is also “intended to reflect an art fair booth layout,” according to the press release. “It has been a thoroughly rewarding experience to work with Our Man in Havana over the course of this past year,” said Noah Horowitz, executive director of The Armory Show. We are delighted with the results of their efforts which highlight an intelligent and creative design ethos and further emphasizes the Armory’s position as a quintessentially New York cultural institution.”

Tickets to the fair, taking place March 6-9, can be purchased on their brand new site.

— Ashton Cooper (ashton_cooper)

(Photo: Courtesy the Armory Show)