In Retrospect: Koons and Prince Are Kings of the Art World Pyramid Scheme


Join us every Saturday as we take a week’s worth of street-art branded water bottles back to the store to help fund our art acquisitions, in retrospect.

— In retrospect, there’s still time for you to attend the awesome-sounding, one-day “Pyramid Scheme” exhibition in Sunset Park.

— In retrospect, if Michelle Obama thinks art-covered water bottles will make us forget her husband’s comments about art history, she’s got another thing coming.

— In retrospect, every new condo and office building in Manhattan should have a Jeff Koons balloon animal sculpture.

— In retrospect, George Clooney ‘s “Monuments Men” movie has spawned so many exhibitions now he’s probably qualified to switch careers and become a curator.

— In retrospect, we still can’t get over how heartfelt and coherent our arch-nemesis Richard Prince sounds in his musings on the relative worth of art and human life.

— In retrospect, this seems as good a place as any to let you know that this will be my final post for ARTINFO, and that if you wish to follow me on my forthcoming adventures you may do so on Twitter.

— Benjamin Sutton (@bhsutton)

(Photo by the author.)