Artist-Made Pyramid Scheme Hits Sunset Park

Six years after the scandal, the sinister schemes of Bernie Madoff have proved to be an apt curatorial model. In “Pyramid Scheme,” a one-day exhibition at 204 25th Street (a 7,000 square foot warehouse space in Sunset Park, Brooklyn), Brooklyn-based artist Nat Ward and duo Tribble & Mancenido are turning the archetypal ponzi play on its head. To curate the 62-artist show, Ward and Tribble & Mancenido each chose five artists to participate who then also chose five artists to contribute. Paul McCarthy, Justin Lieberman, and Beverly’s Leah Dixon number among the artists who will contribute individual works, collaborations, installations, and performances to the February 1 show.

“The pyramid scheme will not only reveal patterns and themes within contemporary art, but the social support structures which enable its creation,” claims the press release. “By surveying an inspiring collection of contemporary artwork for one-night-only, we get a brief glimpse of concentrated artistic institution-scaled wealth, beyond the grasp of any one individual.”

“Pyramid Scheme” will be open from 12-5pm with a reception from 5-8pm and performances from 8-10pm. For a preview of the show, check out works by Ward, Graham Hamilton, Esther Ruiz, and Niv Rosenberg as well as a PowerPoint video by net artist Laura Miller below.

— Ashton Cooper (ashton_cooper)

“New Stone Age,” 2012, Esther Ruiz

“FIVEOFFIVE,” 2014, Nat Ward

“Automonument #2,” 2001, Niv Rosenberg

“CNC painting,” 2013, Graham Hamilton

(Photos: Courtesy Tribble & Mancenido and Nat Ward)