Carolina Jayaram Leaves Chicago Artists Coalition for United States Artists

Carolina-Garcia-Jayaram-Jacob-BollOn Monday evening Carolina Garcia Jayaram announced her resignation from the Chicago Artists Coalition (CAC) and was named as the new chief executive officer at United States Artists (USA), the Los Angeles-based arts-grant giving non-profit. Jayaram takes up her new post at USA on February 24, overseeing an organization that gives out some $50,000 annually in unrestricted grants to artists working in every medium in the U.S.

Since 2010 Jayaram has been the leader of the CAC, which organizes residencies, workshops, panels, and exhibitions for artist members, patrons, and the public.

“I want to say thanks to the Chicago community that has impressed me beyond expectation with its generous sense of partnership, creative energy and unprecedented philanthropy,” Jayaram wrote in a resignation letter. “I look forward to reengaging with you as partners, colleagues and friends in new and dynamic ways in the days, months and years ahead.”

Her new job will see those same talents she applied in Chicago deployed on a national scale. Jayaram will oversee USA’s fundraising, operations, marketing, and board operations.

“In keeping with United States Artists’ mission of investing in America’s finest artists and illuminating the value of artists to society, we are thrilled to welcome Ms. Jayaram to lead our organization,” USA board chairman Steven Oliver said in a statement. “She possesses the perfect blend of vision and determination to ensure that our organization will grow as we continue in our commitment to support a thriving and vibrant cultural community nationwide.”

USA was founded in 2005 thanks to a total of $22 million contributed by the Ford, Prudential, Rasmuson, and Rockefeller foundations.

— Benjamin Sutton (@bhsutton)

(Photo by Jacob Boll.)