Instagrams of the Art World: Jay Z, Warhol, and Matching Birthday Outfits

Art Production Fund director Casey Fremont posted this regram of Jay Z visiting the Warhol Museum.

Artist Frances Stark was at (what appears to be from her caption, “Jeff Koons Birthday Cake”) the balloon artist’s birthday shindig.

Posted the same hour as the Koons birthday pic, another art worlder, art dealer Chiara Repetto of Milan’s Kaufmann Repetto (and wife of Andrew Kreps), in a blue shirt very similar to Koons’s, and, like the balloon-dog artist, standing before a birthday cake. Was this planned or is the art world turning all “Mulholland Drive” on us?

Artist and purveyor of the faux gala Ed Fornieles was sending some narratively mixed messages with this post. Seems like someone’s channeling Maurizio Cattelan‘s Toilet Paper mag.

Artist collective Friends With You posted a pic of this Cheburashka figurine. Based on a character in a 1966 story by the Soviet writer Eduard Uspensky, the Cheburashka is, we gather, essentially the Soviet version of the Monchhichi. #Awesome!

In this nifty selfie, art dealer Stefania Bortolami captured herself along with a stripey work by conceptual artist Daniel Buren “reflected on a John McCracken.”

Photographer Jerry Hsu snapped this curious apocalyptic pic.

Artist Wangechi Mutu, was at the Sundance Film Festival with her studio manager Alexandra Giniger and animator Joaquin Jutt presenting her short film The End of Eating Everything, which you can still see at her show, “Wangechi Mutu: A Fantastic Journey,” at the Brooklyn Museum through March 2014.

It’s not so much this picture of artist Keith Sonnier that got uswhose show “Elysian Plain + Early Works” opened last night at Pace Gallery — as the accompanying comment did: “Is [it] just me or does he look a bit like #CaptainKangaroo.”

Artist Sanford Biggers, staying far away from this miserable weather, is in Ethiopia.