CUE Art Foundation Helps Artists Navigate Obamacare

Every American deserves healthcare, and that includes the creative class. While that is becoming more of a reality for the previously uninsured, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily an easier process than it was before Obamacare kicked into high gear. A new video by the CUE Art Foundation is making that a little easier.

Brokelyn and Greenpointers recently shared “Every Artist Insured: Navigating the Affordable Care Act.” This invaluable resource for artists covers the most basic elements of healthcare, from explaining copays and deductibles, to how incomes made-up of odd jobs and freelance work may qualify many art worlders for Medicaid in 2014. Renata Marinaro of the Actors Fund does a great job of taking viewers step-by-step through the corn maze of the healthcare landscape, and we can’t encourage people enough to share this video.

Enjoy the video below:

—Alanna Marinez (@lanna_martinez)

(Photo via The Heartland Institute)