Want to Help Detroit’s Arts Institute and Pension Funds?


As you may have heard, a group of philanthropic organizations has pledged $330 million to help prop up Detroit’s pension funds and ensure that the Detroit Institute of Arts‘ collection will not be sold off to satisfy creditors, and now Michigan governor Rick Snyder is floating a plan to kick in another $350 million to that cause. Now people from all around the world are pitching in, and one of the charities behind the $330-million pledge, the Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan (CSFM), has set up a website to make it easy for anyone to donate to DIA and Detroit’s pension funds.

“The fact that individuals are coming forward around the country, I guess it did and it didn’t surprise me,” CSFM president Miram Noland told WWJ. “I can understand individuals in Detroit and Michigan, but it’s interesting that it’s captured the interest of people around the country; and it may be because the question of selling art got such national visibility.”

The donations, which have mostly been for small sums but speak volumes about the global resonance of Detroit’s plight, will only be used in the event that a mediated bankruptcy settlement is reached between the city and its creditors.

“We’re getting notes saying, you know, we care, we want to do something  — and these contributions are coming from Maine, to Florida, to Oregon, Maryland, Scotland! Don’t ask me how they learned about it,” Noland added.

Those interested in helping to safeguard the DIA’s collection and replenish Detroit’s pension funds may do so here.

— Benjamin Sutton (@bhsutton)

(Photo via DIA/Facebook.)