L.A.’s Mistake Room Launching With Oscar Murillo Show


Los Angeles’s newest contemporary art institution, the Mistake Room, is slated to open its freshly refurbished warehouse space to the public on Saturday, and it couldn’t have chosen a hotter artist for its inaugural show. Colombia-born, London-based sensation Oscar Murillo will unveil his first solo show at a U.S. institution, “Distribution Center,” for which he and a team of local day laborers and Tijuana-based construction and carpentry workers created a series of objects and installations using the 4,500-square-foot art space as a studio.

The artworks, which range from polished, finely crafted, and completed works to pieces that look very roughly put together and unfinished, were assembled from Murillo’s trademark assortment of components — ie. scraps of metal and wood, paper, and canvas. They will be complemented by large-scale video projections documenting various acts of physical labor being carried out by people and machines.

Capping the exhibition, which is being curated by Mistake Room director and chief curator Cesar Garcia, will be a lottery for which just 50 tickets will be sold. Toward the end of the show three winners will be selected at random, and each one will receive an original artwork that Murillo will create on a T-shirt.

Oscar Murillo’s “Distribution Center” runs January 18-April 12 at the Mistake Room.

— Benjamin Sutton (@bhsutton)

(Image: Oscar Murillo, “Viernes Social” video still, 2012. Courtesy of the artist and David Zwirner, New York/London.)