British Museum Breaks Attendance Record


While attendance at the Louvre may have dipped by half-a-million in 2013, attendance at London’s most-visited museum, the British Museum — which marks its 255th birthday today — reached a new high last year. Over 6.7 million people visited the institution in 2013, smashing the previous record of 5.8 million, set in 2008, according to the Guardian. In addition to amounting its highest year-end total, 2013 also saw the British Museum’s busiest month ever, in July, when 747,936 people visited.

The museum’s 2013 roster of shows included more than a few blockbusters, foremost among them “Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum,” which became the institution’s third-most visited ever, with 471,000 visitors. Also well-attended was “Shunga: Sex and Humour in Japanese Art, 1600-1900,” which brought in 87,893 visitors, while another exhibition about the ice age garnered more than 90,000 visits.

“Displays onsite, loans and touring exhibitions nationally and internationally, big-screen viewings and online access mean this is truly a dynamic collection that belongs to and is used by a global citizenship,” said museum director Neil MacGregor.

— Benjamin Sutton (@bhsutton)

(Photo via British Museum/Facebook.)