Jerry Saltz To Make “Girls” Cameo


Lena Dunham has written a part for her godfather, art critic Jerry Saltz, in an upcoming episode from the third season of her hit HBO series “Girls,” which begins on January 12. The New York magazine critic revealed as much on his ever-lively Facebook wall on Monday evening, writing: “Yup. Me walking the red-carpet tonight at the GIRLS premier. I will be in one episode this season. Stay tuned…”

The exact nature of Saltz’s role remains unknown, though it’s perfectly plausible that he will play a version of his real-life self, as the show so often portrays and is set within the New York art world. His only other major small-screen role to date was as the host of Bravo‘s reality TV series “The Work of Art.”

— Benjamin Sutton (@bhsutton)

(Photo via Facebook.)