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Did John Cusack Take Up Street Art?

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Justin Bieber and Chris Brown aren’t the only celebrities who tried their hand at street art in 2013. A teen heartthrob from a different era, John Cusack, may also be spending his evenings tagging up the streets with elaborate wildstyle murals featuring his apparent graffiti name, John Cusack Shakur, as well as other rap-themed plays on his name and recurring references to child movie star and aspiring artist Macaulay Culkin.


An Instagram account that seems as though it may belong to Cusack based on similarities to his verified Twitter account and fairly candid photos of the actor clowning around, shows a number of number of tags and murals with stylized lettering spelling his name and adorned with the image of a crude, three-pointed crown popularized by Jean-Michel Basquiat. The mysterious, maybe-famous Instagram user also posted a mural apparently painted on the inside of a garage door in which Culkin appears in front of a crucifix making his famous “Scream” face, an iconic Edvard Munch reference in “Home Alone,” an labeled “Culkin Christ” in an apparent allusion to Andres Serrano’s controversial “Piss Christ.”

The could-be-Cusack Instagram feed features several more images of Culkin, as well as many of Cusack himself, and a few featuring Facebook-famous street artist David Choe, who may have lent a helping hand in the execution of some of the murals.



— Benjamin Sutton (@bhsutton)

(Photo via @CusackShakur/Instagram.)

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