Art World Missed Connections: Gawking at Isa Genzken, and More


Many of New York’s art-lovers, it seems, are resolved to find love in 2014, because since the New Year there have been a slew of romantic almost-encounters at the city’s museums. Today’s catch of Art World Missed Connections includes a pair of MoMA visitors bonding over their confusion at Isa Genzken‘s retrospective, a lover of “Robert Indiana: Beyond LOVE” at the Whitney, a distracted tour-goer at Asia Society, and more.

Let’s begin at MoMA, where a very sweet man found himself happily perplexed by one of Genzken’s sculptures. His post, “Confused by Isa Genzken at MoMA on 1/2 – m4w – 46 (Midtown),” reads:

We stood staring at the final sculpture of the exhibit — the one with the vendor cart and the Coca Cola umbrellas. Our eyes met and we both smiled and laughed. You said, “I just don’t get it.” I replied, “But it makes me happy for some reason. This is the happiest I’ve been since I walked in this place.”

I just want you to know that you have a beautiful smile. Thanks so much for the connection. Missed or not, it probably had a lot to do with the happiness I felt. It’s a memory I will treasure for some time.

If that doesn’t melt your wintry hearts, we don’t know what will. Perhaps this item, from the Met’s Charles Engelhard Court, where a weekly visitor caught eyes with a woman more breathtaking than Augustus Saint-Gaudens‘s “Diana.” His post, “The Met/Diana – m4w – 38 (Upper East Side),” explains:

Hey. Met you at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the in the American West in Bronze room. You are the tall blond from out of town. Your friend was visiting. I am the tall guy with dark hair from California.

We talked about Diana. You called her “The Golden One.” That’s why I am posting this….

Don’t know why I didn’t get your number because I guess I didn’t catch the name of your restaurant. I am pretty sure you would have given it to me.

Anyway, I am usually there in the statue court at the American Wing every Friday around 7:00. It’s how I start to decompress from the week. Come by.

Anybody who visits the same museum every Friday night is a great catch in our book. Less enticing, however, is the young man who didn’t pay attention at all during a tour of Asia Society’s excellent “Iran Modern” show. In his post, “Iran Mordern Tour – m4w – 30 (Upper East Side),” the author attempts to justify his short attention span like so:

Took place at the Asia Society Museum and you were part of the tour from start to finish.
You: short hair, beautiful smile and a wonderful body. I couldn’t stop looking at you and managed to ignore the art tour and just focus on you.

If you’re out there…you know what to do.

Lastly, we have this visitor to “Beyond LOVE,” who is by no means beyond love. Her resulting post, “L /O/ V E at the Whitney Museum – w4m (Upper East Side),” explains:

I had just come from the Beyond LOVE, Robert Indiana retrospective at the Whitney. It was getting dark, but I could tell by the way that you stood, you’re confident. You were on the phone when I walked by you – Nice voice. Hope you found somewhere good for dinner. You looked up briefly at me when I passed in my black coat & cute earmuffs. Long hair, glasses, Asian. You were in a black suit & a charcoal grey overcoat. Crimson scarf? I’m in my 30s, you in your 30s or 40s.

Would love to connect. It’d be a great way to start 2014 if we hit it off. :)

And with that, we wish everyone lots of “LOVE” in 2014.

— Benjamin Sutton (@bhsutton)

(Image: Detail from “Man Daydreaming about Love,” unknown artist, 1910s. Twentieth-Century Photography Fund. Metropolitan Museum of Art.)